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Genre: Science Fiction (SciFi)

  • ACC was right

    ACC was right

    Nothing can be in two places at the same time or in two times at the same place. The first seems obvious to us. The second is guaranteed by the expansion of the universe and the fact that every planet, every star, every galaxy in the universe is constantly moving. Here won’t be here tomorrow.Read More › about ACC was right

  • I am Sorrow

    I am Sorrow

    One more year — I told Devon that’s all we needed. I was so sure that working together we would find the key to prolong the reaction. But Devon doubted. His allowance consumed and the debts mounting, his pride could not abide the shame of failure. Even though I told him it did not matterRead More › about I am Sorrow

  • The Return of Rahab

    The Return of Rahab

    “Cuneiform?” Air Marshall James Garrett of the Royal Australian Air Force bristled as his eyes swept through that roomful of alliance cryptologists. In the end, he just hung his head and muttered. “Why the hell would a technologically advanced civilisation, centuries ahead of our own, store their classified data in cuneiform?” (This story was firstRead More › about The Return of Rahab

  • A measure of the depth

    A measure of the depth

    Someone is hunting down thugs in the City of Living Dreams, where any pleasure or drug is available for a price.  Though the planet is strictly off-limits to military personnel in training,  Lieutenant Junior Grade Palladia Conté is discovered there, and immediately conscripted to help stop the killing spree. A measure of the depth, firstRead More › about A measure of the depth

  • Pluto’s Helmet

    Pluto’s Helmet

    Leona is missing, presumed dead in the same freak accident that took her parents; and her trusted mentor is planning to sell her as a weapon. If you read A measure of the depth and wondered what the future holds for Zeta Reti, this self-contained sequel continues her story, ten years later. It is setRead More › about Pluto’s Helmet

  • The Designer

    The Designer

    There we were, contingent 47 of the Engineering Corps, ready to die for our planet, and he had to give in. They wouldn’t have even touched him. By his uniform they knew he wasn’t one of us. They didn’t know civilian support uniforms. If he hadn’t told them they would have never guessed he wasRead More › about The Designer