‘I am Sorrow’ is out this month in Antipodean SF

My short Science Fiction story, I am Sorrow, came out this month in Antipodean SF, issue 280. It is my favorite kind of Speculative Fiction story because it crosses into historical fiction. In other words, it really could have happened that way. There’s a classic no-prize (literally, no prize, but still a fun challenge) to the first person to post the exact date and time of the last event in the story.


One more year — I told Devon that’s all we needed. I was so sure that working together we would find the key to prolong the reaction. But Devon doubted. His allowance consumed and the debts mounting, his pride could not abide the shame of failure. Even though I told him it did not matter to me, that I had already found two families that would have hired me as governess, that I knew we could succeed together, he would not have it. So we went to America to see this John Keely. It was December of 1887; the man was at the height of his fame.

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