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  • A blind fish story

    A blind fish story

    Millimeter for millimeter, the cosmic ray neutron shielding power of iron outperforms lead by a factor of five. And Carl Newman’s Remote Sensing suite had found the mother of all mother lodes in the largest asteroid belt ever seen by man; free for the taking. And, as if that were not enough, low orbit magneto-metric mapping of the system’s only habitable planet suggested it too contained vast underground deposits of the metal.

    (This story first appeared in the anthology Alien Dimensions; Space Fiction Short Story Anthology Series #23; Edited by Neil A. Hogan, 2022)

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  • Feythful


    They had everything they needed in their modest farm except an heir to care for them in their old age. Yet Parson Acke Rahm and his wife Carita, the village midwife, lived contented lives. Though fate had denied them the very joy she had brought to their kith and kin in their village, and beyond, they had no regrets. Then one evening there was a knocking at their door.

    (This story first appeared in Antipodean SF issue 292, 21 January, 2023)

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  • ACC was right

    ACC was right

    Nothing can be in two places at the same time or in two times at the same place. The first seems obvious to us. The second is guaranteed by the expansion of the universe and the fact that every planet, every star, every galaxy in the universe is constantly moving. Here won’t be here tomorrow.

    (This story first appeared in Antipodean SF issue 283, 21 Apr. 2022)

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  • I am Sorrow

    I am Sorrow

    One more year — I told Devon that’s all we needed. I was so sure that working together we would find the key to prolong the reaction. But Devon doubted. His allowance consumed and the debts mounting, his pride could not abide the shame of failure. Even though I told him it did not matter to me, that I had already found two families that would have hired me as governess, that I knew we could succeed together, he would not have it. So we went to America to see this John Keely. It was December of 1887; the man was at the height of his fame.

    (This story first appeared in Antipodean SF issue 280; January 2022)

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  • Worse Monsters

    Worse Monsters

    The loose wrappings at my wrist and neck flutter like flags of war in the wind. Hand over hand I turn and face the rocky wall of the precipice. I have to pull up; but my sinews do not remember how. I look down again and wonder if that too will be my end.

    (This story first appeared in Antipodean SF, November 2021)

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  • The Return of Rahab

    The Return of Rahab

    “Cuneiform?” Air Marshall James Garrett of the Royal Australian Air Force bristled as his eyes swept through that roomful of alliance cryptologists. In the end, he just hung his head and muttered. “Why the hell would a technologically advanced civilisation, centuries ahead of our own, store their classified data in cuneiform?”

    (This story was first published in the October issue of Antipodean SF, the speculative fiction e-zine. It also appeared April 10, 2022 as a podcast in the Antipodean SF Radio Show.)

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